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Gingivectomy in Winston-Salem, NC

A gingivectomy is usually performed when a patient has excess gum tissue that prevents the proper cleaning of the teeth.  Once the extra tissue is removed, the area can be cleansed and maintained more easily.  Many times the excess tissue growth was a result of an infection, but can sometimes be caused by medications.  Be sure to tell Dr. Peavy about any medications you are taking. 

The Procedure

Before the procedure begins, Dr. Peavy will make sure you are comfortable, relaxed, and numbed in the areas to be improved. Most of the work is done with lasers and there is no pain or bleeding during the procedure. Most of our patients only need over the counter ibuprofen or Tylenol later to manage any discomfort for a few days. We will give you a prescription rinse and tell you how to take care of the areas and you should expect to be back to your normal routine the next day.